Our Services

Helping our clients see the story behind the numbers and use that story to achieve their business goals is the motivation behind our transparent solutions. We specialise in a number of key areas to provide an all round financial service to our clients, guiding them towards making efficient and effective financial decisions. At JR and Co, we value our personal approach to helping our clients achieve their business and financial goals, which is why we provide personalised solutions to suit current circumstances and financial environments. Enjoy tailored tax advice and plans that will keep your business successful with sound financial growth.

Bookkeeping and accounting

At the core of ensuring a smooth business operation is having proper accounting systems in place. We help you keep your financial records in order according to legal requirements efficiently and in a suitable method to your business, removing from you the stress of day to day accounting.
If you are a start up or a small business operation maintaining an inhouse finance operation can be crippling on your resources, both time and energy. We assist you by taking care of your accounting and tax responsibilities with a seamless tailored approach, that evolves along with your business.

Company secretarial

We take care of the intricacies of the ever changing legislation landscape to ensure compliance with laws and regulations that govern businesses. Our service will prepare board resolutions when needed.

Corporate tax planning

We offer you a full tax review to help determine the best tax structure for your business with strategies that can help reduce your tax liability and improve your profitability. Dealing with the varying and ever changing corporate tax regulations can be a time consuming headache. With our strategic tax planning, you can avoid the pitfall of paying more tax than necessary. Our experts will review all your records and work with you to create an efficient tax structure for you, ensuring that you are compliant with all regulations.

Business planning

Business planning helps you cope with any unforeseen events and not miss out on opportunities, as every successful business is founded on a sound business plan. A business plan acts as the foundation for your business and it is important that is presented clearly and concisely, with all the relevant areas of objectives, strategy, vision, mission and business purpose goals outlined.

Business start-up

We provide you with vital background support so you can concentrate on building and managing your business. Expert advice will help you significantly improve your chances of success and ensure that your business plan comes to life. Business start-up is a complex process, and a solid background structure is vital from the legal aspect to the financial requirements.
We offer you a flexible service that suits both your budget and your needs, that gives you the background boost you need to accomplish your business requirements.


Avoid basic, repetitive accounting tasks by outsourcing them, to focus your attention on business growth. By outsourcing these services, you have the advantage of having similar accounting and financial expertise to those of larger companies. All of this is without the hassle of having to hire, train and maintain your own internal accounting department.


We can handle the necessary payroll accounting, so you do not have to worry. We will help you record and manage employee compensation and taxation, including gross wages, salaries, commissions, bonuses, holiday pay, paid time off and benefits.

Tax compliance

We ensure that your interests are fully protected and that you are tax compliant by helping you through the process of preparing corporate and individual tax returns.
Our tax compliance process ensures a correct and up to date handling of your taxes, which saves you a lot of your valuable time and effort. Through a knowledgeable and integrated approach that anticipates how tax challenges may affect your business we help you make the correct decision for your future.


We help you keep your VAT affairs in order, file returns correctly and on time which has gained importance as the HMRC has become more aggressive in its approach towards business tax compliance. As VAT is a tax on transactions it has an impact on your day to day business and as such it is vital that you comply with the changing VAT regulations.